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Miguel Pedroza Bass-baritone


Miguel is a versatile bass-baritone with a vast repertoire that encompasses a wide range of characters and composers, from the resonant depths of Verdi’s classics to the whimsical narrative of John Davies’ modern works. His roles have seen him traverse a spectrum of operatic emotions and narratives, whether it’s the noble Sarastro in Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte, the menacing Zuniga in Bizet’s Carmen, or the whimsical Wolfgang Bigbad in Davies’ The Three Little Pigs.


With numerous engagements across reputable opera houses like Opera Columbus, Opera on the James, and Teatro Nuovo, Miguel has consistently showcased a commitment to delivering compelling performances that captivate audiences and honor the profound narratives inherent in each opera.


Discover Miguel’s extensive portfolio, where every role is a testament to his dedication to the art and his continuous endeavor to evoke the timeless essence of opera.

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